At Lex Academic, we translate your academic papers and monographs from a range of European languages into English.

We provide first-rate academic translation services from French, Greek, and Italian into English. All work is meticulously and rigorously translated by a PhD-educated subject expert who is fluent in your manuscript language. All work will be returned in impeccable condition, having been both professionally translated and copy-edited.

Can we help with anything else?

Ensure your entire manuscript is submission-ready with our bespoke Indexing and Bibliography Compiling services.

Please get in touch with our Managing Editor detailing your editorial requirements.

“Lex Academic’s copyediting and indexing is brilliant. They took so much time with my manuscript—bonding with the subject matter and creating both flow and meaning. I have been so lucky to find them. I would choose Lex Academic for all my projects. They are champions!”

Dr. Barbara Hales (German Studies, University of Houston - Clear Lake)