Mission Statement

We seek to make the academic landscape less intimidating and more conquerable through dedicated, researcher-led editorial support, feedback, and consulting services.

Our success is your success

At Lex Academic, we are champions of what we call constructive peer review. Our Oxbridge-educated founders know how competitive life within academia can be, with gruelling rounds of peer review, anxiety-ridden conference presentations, and the myriad moral and intellectual agonies that go into new iterations of paper drafts. We are here to empower researchers of all stripes through the strains of academic publishing, leveraging the decades of experience that differentiate us from other editing outfits. Our clients not only include early career researchers across the UK and Europe, but tenured professors at Ivy League universities. We could all use a bit more confidence before submitting to a journal, pitching to a renowned university press, or applying for a top job. We relish sharing our hard-won knowledge with our clients, making a measurable difference to their publishing, funding, and employment outcomes.

We support academics through these challenges with our keen-eyed, researcher-led editorial remedies and substantive suggestions. We want to make academic publishing at the highest level a softer but nonetheless ambitious enterprise, based on the strength of scholars as interdependent researchers engaged in constructive peer review rather than the image of the researcher as the lone wolf playing a zero-sum game. This approach is better for scholars in general and better for knowledge as a collective aim. Through this approach, we foster a collaborative attitude to furthering knowledge, encouraging a spirit of co-authorship, compassion, and mutuality over aggressive intellectual independence.

All of our rigorously tested, PhD-educated academic editors are assigned to papers, monographs, indexes, and translations based on subject-matter expertise. Following their scrupulous work, which can extend from careful proofreading to transformative developmental editing, we leverage our in-house team’s extensive professional proofreading and copy-editing experience to ensure edited manuscripts are not only maximally effective as research outputs, but finessed to a high level of editorial precision and perfectly formatted.

The papers we refine, develop, and edit are not only fit for purpose as discrete units of intellectual achievement, but routinely enable their authors to move forward more quickly and assuredly with their careers. In this regard, we believe our work helps to level the playing field for scholars who write in English as a second language. In fact, we seek to restore confidence to researchers who feel in any way disadvantaged in academia, from concerns about linguistic bias and worries about juniority, to more general crises of confidence, which can discourage you from being appropriately ambitious not only in where you place your work but where you apply for grants and jobs.

We take as much pride in your work as you do. Our free client aftercare attests to our dedication to listening, getting things right, and ensuring you are left persuaded about the quality and impact of our work. Our commitment to excellence and love of discussion enable us to work with you to ensure your texts are as effective as possible so that you can take the next steps in your academic journey with confidence, presence of mind, and the knowledge that the support you need is only an email away.

Let us know how we can help you

We purvey extraordinary academic ProofreadingCopy-Editing, and Substantive Editing. Our impeccable author services include correcting all typographical, spelling, and grammatical errors. Where desired, we can make stylistic and substantive changes to your work that promise a powerful first impression with major publishers. Our authors have published with all of the top-tier publishing houses, including Bloomsbury, Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, Penguin, Peter Lang, Princeton University Press, and Routledge. Ensure your entire manuscript is submission-ready with our bespoke Indexing service.

Authors or publishers interested in our services should get in touch with our Managing Editor detailing their editorial requirements and publication ambitions.

Academic Proofreading | Lex Academic

Academic Proofreading

Proofreading is for those clients who need the peace of mind of knowing that their manuscript is absolutely fault-free.


Academic Copy-Editing

Copy-editing is for those clients who are hoping to improve the overall style and concision of their writing, while making a guaranteed impression with academic journals.

Substantive editing | Academic Proofreading | Lex Academic

Substantive Academic Editing

Substantive editing is for those clients whose writing expects to reach a wider public, owing to which it needs to be truly extraordinary.

Book Indexing Services

Lex Academic crafts dedicated indexes for personal names (index nominum), places (index locorum), and words (index verborum).

"As a non-native English speaker working in academic philosophy, language can be an additional challenge to publish your research in the best journals. Lex Academic helped me turn my manuscripts into impeccable idiomatic style and clarity. They were fast, precise, and very flexible. My manuscripts have been subsequently accepted for publication in Erkenntnis, Philosophia, and Ratio. Highly recommended!"

Dr. Manuel Gustavo Isaac (Postdoctoral Mobility Fellow of the Swiss National Science Foundation at the University of St Andrews)