Editing Services to Help Address Major PhD Corrections

If you wish to avoid being awarded a pass with major corrections, or you are revising your thesis following a recommendation of passing with major corrections, you will be interested in our Major PhD Corrections service.

Satisfying Your Examiners: Getting to Grips with Feedback and Examiners’ Expectations for Resubmission

In this service, we will edit the thesis following your own endeavours to satisfy examiner feedback. In so doing, we will first read and digest your examiners’ comments, and we will then copy-edit your thesis with these weaknesses in mind. We will pay special attention to the reworked parts of the thesis, assessing whether these suffice to address the examiners’ concerns. We can help to foreground and clarify your improvements, better motivating parts of your argument that may have been judged as lacking a sufficient scholarly basis or have been poorly articulated. This can involve improved signposting, more honest referencing, and restructuring the work to ensure the line of argument is clear and logical, and the overall presentation is cogent. If you are only interested in having your thesis proofread before resubmission, you may be interested instead in our PhD Proofreading Service.

Returning to Your Thesis After a Break

We can also conduct research to corroborate whether your thesis has a sound basis in contemporary scholarship. If you are revisiting your thesis after a long break (thanks to illness, having a child, or exploring a change in career), there are chances the scholarship may have moved on, rendering your thesis less original or requiring recontextualizing. The more time that passes between first submitting the thesis and working on your corrections, the likelier it is that there are scholarly lacunae that need addressing to ensure the thesis constitutes a unique, original contribution to knowledge. Likewise, if you finished a first draft of your thesis a long time before submitting to examiners, you may encounter similar issues given advances within the discipline. We can help to provide you with up-to-date bibliographies of salient literature to help you fill in these gaps, and to reorient your research around a changing academic landscape.

At this stage in the doctoral examination, you will likely be tired or lacking in morale: our job as your copy editors is therefore to ensure your ideas, their originality, expression, and argumentative soundness are fighting fit to get you across the finish line, PhD certificate in hand. This may also involve checking the thesis for plagiarism, in case your summaries of the relevant literature have been done in haste or constitute poor paraphrasing. To this end, we will retrieve the correct citations for your work, while suggesting ways to express the ideas in your own words, as befitting the line of argument of your thesis.

No two manuscripts receiving major PhD corrections are alike: weaknesses are diverse and some theses are in more trouble than others. Send us an email describing your situation, and we will propose a way forward to help you graduate with your PhD in a timely fashion.

Can we help with anything else?

We also purvey extraordinary academic Proofreading, Copy-Editing, and Substantive Editing. Our impeccable author services include correcting all typographical, spelling, and grammatical errors. Where desired, we can make stylistic and substantive changes to your work that promise a powerful first impression with major publishers. Our authors have published with all of the top-tier publishing houses, including Bloomsbury, Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, Penguin, Peter Lang, Princeton University Press, and Routledge.

Authors or publishers interested in our services should get in touch with our Managing Editor detailing their editorial requirements and publication ambitions.

Academic Proofreading | Lex Academic

Academic Proofreading

Proofreading is for those clients who need the peace of mind of knowing that their manuscript is absolutely fault-free.


Academic Copy-Editing

Copy-editing is for those clients who are hoping to improve the overall style and concision of their writing, while making a guaranteed impression with academic journals.

Substantive editing | Academic Proofreading | Lex Academic

Substantive Academic Editing

Substantive editing is for those clients whose writing expects to reach a wider public, owing to which it needs to be truly extraordinary.

PhD Proofreading

Reduce the risk of minor corrections with a bespoke PhD edit, specially tailored to the doctoral examination. Learn about our Academic Proofreading for PhDs.

"As a non-native English speaker working in academic philosophy, language can be an additional challenge to publish your research in the best journals. Lex Academic helped me turn my manuscripts into impeccable idiomatic style and clarity. They were fast, precise, and very flexible. My manuscripts have been subsequently accepted for publication in Erkenntnis, Philosophia, and Ratio. Highly recommended!"

Dr. Manuel Gustavo Isaac (Postdoctoral Mobility Fellow of the Swiss National Science Foundation at the University of St Andrews)