Impact & Outreach

At Lex Academic, we understand that you want your research to have the greatest possible reach, especially in a climate where tenure and research impact are tightly intertwined. We also understand the growing desire of academics to reach a broader public, ascending to the status of public intellectuals, unlocking the kinds of opportunities that this coveted status brings.

Our obsession with research impact undergirds all of our core services at Lex Academic, and explains why we are such perfectionists with regard to our proofreading, indexing, and academic translation services. We want our academics to achieve the highest possible research profile. Many of our clients are now regarded as public intellectuals.

Academic PR and Outreach Services

To complement our esteemed academic author services, we purvey a suite of PR, impact, and outreach services that maximise your academic profile and optimally showcase your research:

  • We can secure publications in research magazines with whom we partner. These will typically be online and open access (for increased shareability) but can also be in physical format. The publications can be about a specific article or book, or a larger body of work. While these publications tend to focus on work that is already published, they can also include discussion of works in progress and impact cases.
  • We can organise podcasts about your work, as well as podcast interviews.
  • We can commission and orchestrate short animations that help to give visual expression and nuance to your work and research presentations. These can be useful for both dissemination and impact, as well as for your keynote lectures. The animations can be embedded/combined with some of the other services. These can also be uploaded onto YouTube, Vimeo, etc.
  • We can write and commission blog posts about you, based on first-hand knowledge of your original books, articles, or broader research activity. These can be blogs on the pages of our research partners, on Medium, or on the Lex Academic official blog. We can also help to write pieces in places such as The Conversation and popular magazines.
  • We can ensure that any of the above are widely disseminated through both our own social media platforms and those of our research partners.
  • A bespoke combination of all of the above that serves as a promotional campaign unfolding over a number of months.

If you would be interested in discussing these services, please get in touch with our Head of Impact, Outreach & PR, Professor Constantine Sandis.

Can we help with anything else?

Ensure your entire manuscript is submission-ready with our bespoke Indexing and Bibliography Compiling services. We also purvey extraordinary academic Proofreading, Copy-Editing, and Substantive Editing. Our impeccable author services include correcting all typographical, spelling, and grammatical errors. Where desired, we can make stylistic and substantive changes to your work that promise a powerful first impression with major publishers. Our authors have published with all of the top-tier publishing houses, including Bloomsbury, Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, Penguin, Peter Lang, Princeton University Press, and Routledge.

Authors or publishers interested in our services should get in touch with our Managing Editor detailing their editorial requirements and publication ambitions.