Read what our esteemed academic clients have to say about working with us.

Customer Reviews

Dr Atoosa Kasirzadeh (Chancellor’s Fellow and Tenure-Track Assistant Professor in Philosophy at the University of Edinburgh)

Highly recommended! As a non-native English speaker working in Anglo-American academic philosophy, language can sometimes become a challenge to publish your research in the best English philosophy journals. Lex Academic did an absolutely wonderful job in editing one of my manuscripts which is now accepted for publication.

Professor Kristina Musholt (Department of Philosophy, Universität Leipzig)

I have worked with Lex Academic in the context of a special issue for a peer-reviewed philosophy journal that was co-edited by myself and a colleague. In this context, several of the authors who contributed to our volume chose to work with Lex Academic before submitting their papers for publication. In each case, Lex Academic provided an excellent, professional and timely service of academic copy-editing that substantially improved the papers. All authors who were involved in this process were extremely happy with the result and I, as the editor, was likewise very satisfied. I can wholeheartedly recommend this service to any academic author and, indeed, have just hired them again myself for a new project.

Alba Miriello (University College London)

First, I really recommend Lex Academic and its translation service. It's excellent! Second, I have also had the pleasure to submit my work to the professionalism of Dr Chapman and her proofreading team. I am genuinely amazed by how they have been able to preserve the philosophical core of the piece and its technical vocabulary. I am extremely touched by the care and attentiveness they had towards my piece, my ideas, and my errors. It has been a pleasure to work with them and I will keep submitting my work to its fantastic team.

Professor Edgar Maraguat – University of Valencia

Highly recommendable! They did an excellent job with a very long, dense manuscript of mine (135,000 words), catching subtle grammar issues and helping me to make it more concise and elegant and clear. They are very professional and thorough. I will come back to them soon, in fact every time I need this kind of help.

Dr Gerard Dunne (Marino Institute of Education, Dublin)

Hassle-free process from start to finish. Extremely professional and punctilious service. Couldn’t recommend them highly enough. Will be back. Thanks again, Lex

Professor Kate Kenny (NUI Galway)

Rapid proofreading, professional and clear. Very pleased with the work carried out. Many thanks

Professor Sandra Laugier (Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne)

Louise Chapman is not only a great translator, with a wide philosophical culture; she also helps you write better papers, and gives excellent and efficient advice. I strongly recommend Lex Academic to my fellow philosophers.

Professor Heikki Ikäheimo (University of New South Wales)

Superb work, quick, efficient, detailed, and Louise was a breeze to communicate with. Couldn't be happier with the process and the result!

Prof. Seisuke Hayakawa (Philosophy Professor, University of Tokyo)

I sincerely appreciate your support and deep understanding! Your work profoundly touches me. The impression of my paper has totally changed! I am also deeply grateful for your helpful comments.

Dr Anna Anguissola (Professor of Classical Archaeology at the University of Pisa)

Lex Academic provides all sorts of personalized options in terms of attention, feedback, and timing. They can accommodate urgent work, as well as lengthier commitments; their staff is able to engage with scholarly work in the humanities, social sciences, and STEM fields. As a returning client, I could not be happier.

Uroš Kovač (European Research Council Advanced Grant, GLOBALSPORT)

Louise Chapman assembled an index for my monograph. The work was excellent: I had to make very few changes to it before submitting to the publisher. The index was assembled with care: Loiuse clearly knows what makes a good academic index. The deadline was fairly tight, but Louise delivered, even a few days earlier. I'm very happy to recommend Lex Academic to colleagues, as well as to return to it for my own work. Thank you Louise!

Professor Luciano Floridi (Oxford Internet Institute)

Lex Academic copyedited my new book for Oxford University Press. I was extremely impressed with the entire editorial process, which significantly shortened the time I would have needed to submit the manuscript to the publisher. The editing was excellent and delivered in a timely manner. The editor was careful and meticulous, suggesting very well-judged, editorial interventions. Lex Academic offers an outstanding service and I do not hesitate to recommend it to all researchers in need of rigorous, academic, editorial support for their publications.

Dr Sharon Oyhanart (Orthodontics, Universidad de Buenos Aires)

I was looking for someone to help me improve details for my college application - specially in terms of format so that it would be in line with what’s expected by UK institutions - and Louise’s vast experience and history of success in securing positions and funding made her the perfect person for the job. She promptly and meticulously assessed my documents delivering insightful feedback with the greatest professionalism in record time. My experience with Lex Academic was exceptional and I would recommend it highly to anyone in need of educational consultation, copy-editing and proofreading services.

Dr Guy Tal (Shenkar College of Engineering and Design)

I heard once that any film is created twice: first by the director and then by the editor. Now that Louise Chapman from Lex Academic has edited four of my articles (so far), I get this! Louise does not simply correct grammar mistakes or change a word or two in a sentence; rather, she transforms your paper into something completely different—an elegant, fluent, and highly academic essay. Since I “found” her, I can’t imagine submitting an essay without running it through her editorial filter. It is not that my papers were not published in the pre-Louise era—they certainly were. But now that I have a Maserati, who wants to go back and drive a Honda? And Louise is a Maserati for life.

Dr. Johannes Lenhard (University of Cambridge)

I was very happy with the services: highly professional, delivered earlier than promised and with more features included than expected. Fantastic service!

Dr. Valéry Giroux (Centre de recherche en éthique – Université de Montréal)

Expérience pleinement satisfaisante. Échanges efficaces et courtois, service fiable et de grande qualité.

PhD Student (UK)

I owe enormous gratitude to the Lex Academic company for its excellent professional skills. I contacted them in the final stage of my writing process, and they edited the whole thesis very soon. The final draft of my thesis was very concise and clear. As a result, I passed my PhD viva with NO CORRECTIONS. This result means a lot for a PhD student in a philosophy department. I highly recommend this editing service as a Non-native English Speaker. I am so thankful to Louise for her professional work and great company. I spent was worth every penny. Do not hesitate to work with Lex Academic, which provides reliable, professional and high-quality service.

Prof. Andreas Gavrielatos

Professionals, with excellent service. Punctuate and careful. I trust them for my work and I highly recommend them.

Professor of Human Geography, University of Cambridge

This is just to say how grateful I am for your thoughtful engagement with my work (just finished reading all your comments/corrections). Thank you very much! As a non-native speaker, I do struggle with writing in English, and it is so good to know that I can ask for your help with my next projects 😊

Anonymous PhD Candidate (Universität zu Köln)

As always, I am simply speechless at your correction. It is wonderful! Once again, thank you so much!

Professor Rachel-Ann Charles (Birmingham City University)

I had an amazing experience using Lex Academic's copy-editing services. My request was handle with a high level of professionalism throughout the entire process. I was pleased with the finished results which was of good quality and value. What I loved most is that all of the tracked-changes were left in the document. So in my free time I can have a comprehensive look at the copy-editing to identify common bad writing habits and improve on them bit by bit. Thank you!

Professor Paolo Leonardi (University of Bologna)

I have resorted more than once to Lex Academics for having better anglicized my academic texts, for revising the English translation from Polish of a volume in a series my wife is the Editor, and once also for the English version of the website of an association I am a member of. The work looked to native speakers as to colleagues neat and smooth. Louise Chapman is an excellent copy editor, attentive, kind, and precise: If she says you will have your stuff back by October 15, it is back on that very day.

Dr Marco Benoît Carbone (Lecturer – Brunel University, London)

Lex Academic supported the final round of editing of my monograph ‘Geographies of Myth’, offering exceptional professionalism and an approach tailored to my study. The editor wisely using the executive powers that I bestowed upon them to help me avoid repetitions and iron out concepts at a time when I was struggling with a near-burnout from competing duties and deadlines. Today I can hardly think of considering my future publications without running them through Lex’s effective and rigorous copy-editing.

Dr. Alessandro Buccheri (Harvard University)

It is my first experience with Lex Academic and I have been extremely pleased to discover the quality of their work. I won't hesitate to call upon their services again in the future.

Qiu Lin (Duke’s Center for Comparative Philosophy)

Lex Academic have a fantastic copy-editors! They have helped me with 5 full-length manuscripts and multiple other documents so far, and all of them are extremely well done. I would like to add one more thing to what everyone else has already mentioned in their posts: Lex Academic are especially good at topics in Chinese philosophy; they display a sophisticated understanding of the ancient Chinese language and often offers insightful improvement over my attempted English translation of ancient Chinese texts. I highly recommend Lex for anyone looking for trustworthy copy-editing service.

Ina Schall, PhD in Ancient Philosophy (University of Cologne)

This is my first experience with proofreading, and since it is my dissertation, I wanted it to be perfect. Therefore, I sent a sample copy of three pages to several services in advance. Lex Academic's editing was by far outstanding. In addition, the personal contact, the willingness to negotiate, and the smooth communication were also important factors for me. I was also very impressed by the speed of the work while maintaining such good quality. Thank you for making my dissertation sound as it should be.

PhD Student [Anonymous]

I requested Lex Academic's services for the revision of an abstract, and I have been thoroughly impressed by the assistance I received. Louise Chapman not only provided high-quality editing, but she also gave insightful comments on the text itself, as well as formatting tips for future publications. Despite being given a very short deadline she delivered the text quickly (earlier than the date she had previously set) which gave me peace of mind before submission. Her revisions were meticulous, and they greatly improved the overall clarity and appeal of the text. She was also very kind and straightforward in her communications, which was appreciated. This brief experience 100% convinced me to collaborate with Lex Academic again in the future, and to explore the full range of their expertise. Thank you!

Dr Alessandro Tirapani (Cass Business School)

Lex Academic proofread my Business PhD thesis. They are just amazing. Louise Chapman delivered an outstanding work, meeting all the deadlines despite the erratic nature of the task. We had extremely good communication and she has been very transparent and flexible throughout the process. Despite technical terms and convoluted concepts, she fully grasped the meaning and never altered what I wanted to say. In fact, she improved some bits! Highly recommended

刘子轩 Liu Zixuan (Sun-yat-Sen University)

Hereby I express my gratitude to you for your brilliant editing work on an article “Phenomenology-plus, or phenomenology of and through neuroscience: Why and how transcendental phenomenology should interact with neuroscience”, which has now been accepted by Studia Phaenomonologica (2022).

Gizem Öz (İstanbul Bilgi University)

I have work with Lex for proofreading and editing of a journal article. In my experience, they are a very professional and reliable. They respond quickly and have friendly communication skills. They do their work on time and very meticulously. They can take payments with credit card, great if you don't PayPal.

Prof. Ben Laurence (University of Chicago)

I contacted Lex Academic only 3 weeks before the page proofs and index for my book were due. They turned them around extraordinarily quickly and did a top-notch job too. I had to change almost nothing, their work was so good. I will be recommending Lex Academic to my colleagues!

Prof. Kristina Musholt

Thank you very much for your hard work on the special issue. I look forward to future collaboration, and will make sure to recommend your services. Our authors were all very happy with your work.

Dr Asterios Kechagias (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

As I am not a native English speaker, I needed immediate proofreading for a scientific article I wanted to publish. Lex Acacemic did an amazing job. Not only did they manage in a short time frame to carefully read my article, but they transformed the text to a very high scientific style, provided important comments which showed that whoever was involved with it, he/she took care to check some things from my scientific subject. I highly recommend it.

Professor David Ratzan (New York University)

Claire Minton in Vonnegut's Cat's Cradle pronounces that indexing is "a thing that only the most amateurish author undertook to do for his own book." After reviewing the wonderful work that Lex Academic did with a book I was co-editing on mother absence in the ancient world for Peeters, I found myself completely in agreement with this sentiment. Louise Chapman communicated clearly and promptly, set appropriate expectations and reasonable deadlines, and delivered her work on time. She constructed for us two expert indexes, an index locorum and a subject index. Nor was this an easy book to index, given the range of sources and topics covered, from classical Greek art to late antique biblical and jewish exegesis (and much in between!). Her fees reflect the level of her professionalism and the quality of her work product.

Dr Manuel Gustavo Isaac (University of St Andrews)

As a non-native English speaker working in academic philosophy, language can be an additional challenge to publish your research in the best journals. Lex Academic helped me turning my manuscripts into impeccable idiomatic style and clarity. They were fast, precise, and very flexible. My manuscripts have been subsequently accepted for publication in Erkenntnis, Philosophia, and Ratio. Highly recommended!

Dr. Anna Melnyk (TU Delft)

Excellent quality copy-editing service! Lex Academic provided me with very fast and good quality copy-editing service. Their suggestions helped to improve flow in our multi-author paper and smoothen overall writing style. While going through their comments, me and my collaborators also learned about how our writing styles can be improved. This was very useful! Many thanks to Louise and to Lex Academic for supporting academic with such an excellent service!

Professor Krystl Raven | Native Studies at University of Alberta

After seeing the success a friend had using Lex for editing on her dissertation I reached out to Louise. So happy to say it was exactly what I needed to cross the finish line on my own dissertation. Louise's experience working with academics with disabilities was so helpful for me as someone with ADHD. Thank you to Louise for being so prompt, professional, and a joy to work with. I look forward to working with Lex Academic again in the future.

Philipp Schmidt (MIT)

Lex Academic provides a superb service that I can only recommend to anyone. For me as a philosopher, it was of special and inexpressible value that Louise is not only a linguistic professional but also a high-class peer in my field of research who can offer improvements of a philosophical text. Moreover, it has also always been a great pleasure to communicate with her. I will certainly consult her again.

Adriana Furlotti (Incoming Cambridge MPhil in History and Philosophy of Science)

Lex Academic helped me tremendously with my Cambridge MPhil application. They thoroughly assessed and critiqued my application documents and also gave excellent interview guidance and advice. I can't recommend them enough to anyone trying to get a postgraduate position at Oxbridge.

Alkis Kotsonis

If you are looking for an editorial service then look no further! Just try Lex Academic - You will not regret it. Best editorial service I've used by far. I cannot thank Louise Chapman enough for all her help!

Steven Umbrello

Since the beginning of my publication career I have used a variety of professional editors for my academic work. They have been exclusively from online lists that recommend and rate them as the best quality available. Until finding lex, through a happenstance on social media, I decided that there would be no harm in getting a quote. Comparatively, Lex Academic is significantly more affordable than the other editors I have used (all American, and even with the conversion from Sterling). Likewise, I could not believe how granular Louise went into my work. Thinking that my work was good enough, Louise covered each page in track changes, making each a scholarly masterpiece in terms of style, prose and readability. After my first paper that was returned, I sent Louise a host of other works and have every intention of continuing to work with Louise throughout my career.

Daniel Vazquez

Lex Academic is exceptional at every level. I highly recommend their services. Louise proofread and copyedited our entire multi-authored edited volume, and her revision of the manuscript was careful and detailed. She meticulously edited the bibliography, prepared a list of abbreviations, sent questions for the authors, and made sure the chapters and bibliography followed the editorial guidelines and manual of style. She sent us a style sheet explaining all her decisions. Louise also pointed out inconsistencies in the chapters, missing bibliographic information and even caught a missing word in an ancient Greek quotation. Louise delivered her work on time, in perfect shape, and all her indications and questions were clear and helpful.

Prof. Yasmin Haddad (Philosophy at McGill University)

Excellent service, good communication and very reliable with deadlines. I highly recommend Lex Academic for revisions, especially if English is not your first language!

Tomáš Koblížek

Lex Academic has proof-read several of my academic texts. Louise Chapman is a great professional. Her proofreads and advices also help me to improve my academic writing. I consider this important.

Johann-Christian Põder

I highly recommend the services of Lex Academic for anyone seeking a rigorous and high-quality academic editing/proofreading service. Everything was perfect, from the quality of the work to the speed of the responses. Thank you for the great service!

Kęstutis M.

I would highly recommend Lex Academic to anyone. It is well-priced, the communication is fast, and the work quality is outstanding. It is definitely out there with the best.

Netta Cohen

After trying many difference editing and proofreading services, I can say with confidence that Lex Academic is doing the most professional and reliable work and I am very pleased to have used this services regularly in the last few years

Maria Nwaigwe (University of Liverpool)

I have used the services of this company for editing of my doctoral (DBA) thesis. They did it quickly - in record time and with minimum problems. In my opinion, Lex Academic is a very professional and reliable organization. Their proofreading and editing is meticulous and detailed. They are well acquainted with requirements of various academic Institutions and professional requirements of examining bodies. In addition, their interpersonal and intercommunication skills are great and I will recommend them especially for Non-native English speakers , with whom they can skilfully interact. The fees are moderate and we get good value for our money. Personnel – officers are courteous and helpful.

Inês Hipolito. (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Berlin School of Mind and Brain)

I am an academic, so I always need to use proofreading services. I've worked with many proofreaders and companies. I can honestly say that Lex Academic was the best I've ever worked. Not only for the efficiency but for running the extra mile in the attention for detail. The quality of the service is absolutely excellent. I am glad I found them, and I don't have to worry about who is proofreading my work before it gets published. Definitely Lex Academic!

Classicist (Uniwersytet Wrocławski)

Thanks to your revisions the text reads really smoothly and I appreciate greatly your work. I hope the work on my paper was not too painstaking and that you would take other commissions from me should I need a proofreading.

Dr H.V. (University of Oslo)

Thank you very much for the material! It has been a pleasure working with you.

A. D.

Dear Louise, Thanks for your hard work.

C. S. (Zürich)

Dear Louise, Thank you for the excellent and fast proofreading. The proposal is very strong now. Many thanks indeed.

Philosopher (Bard College, USA)

Dear Louise, Thank you for such wonderful work! I had the chance to go through the document this morning, and I very much appreciated your edits. It shows how readily you understood the main ideas in the text. Thank you again!


Thank you for your speedy response! I've looked through and the changes you have made make the piece much more eloquent. I will definitely contact you for help with my future projects.

Anonymous Classicist

Dear Louise, Thank you so much, I really like your changes and the way my prose sounds now!


Dear Louise, Your work was really superb! I have no words (literally...). Thank you.

B. J. (Tel Aviv)

Your work is terrific, Louise. Thank you so much.

Dr A.C.

Dear Louise, That's brilliant, thank you! You have clearly put a lot of work into this! I will write if I have any questions, and I will get in touch when I need a proofreader for the full manuscript.

Dr K. I. (UCL)

Thank you Louise for the absolutely amazing proofreading. I accepted all your changes. These were super well judged and have made the proposal 100x better. Please let us stay in touch so that we may work together going forward. Thank you so much!!!

V. S.

Wow, that was fast! Thank you so much, I am really satisfied with the work done, and I would gladly contact you for the other papers as well. In fact, I will very soon.

Dr S.J.J. (Oxford University)

Thank you so so much. This has really helped me a lot. I'll definitely recommend you to my friends in the future in case they need any proofreading service. I think I might also send you my papers in the future (provided I recover well from the thesis).

Dr M.P.

Louise, what can I say about the proofread paper? I couldn't ask for more! Excellent work - I am most satisfied with what you did.

V. D.

Dear Louise, The essay on atomism and medicine you revised last November was received favourably by the peer reviewers. So thank you again for your valuable help!

Dr. B. Hales (University of Houston – Clear Lake)

Louise Chapman's work as a copyeditor and indexer is brilliant. She took so much time with my manuscript, bonding with the subject matter and creating both flow and meaning. I have been so lucky to find her. I would choose Louise for all my projects. She is a champion! Barbara H.

Dr M.P.

Louise, you have done an excellent and professional job that by far exceeded my expectations. It is obvious that you are enthusiastic about what you do -- all revisions were superb. Many thanks for taking this on and for returning it so fast! M.P.

Dr S.P. (Universität Bonn)

Thank you very much. I will definitely contact you again if I should need it.

Dr. A.A.D. (Classicist)

Thank you for your thorough and precise proofreading, as always. A.A.D.

Dr. I. B. (University of Nicosia)

Louise you might just be the best proofreader in the world!!! I may even win the funding now, thanks to your very careful interventions. I'm very happy with the work and will definitely be contacting you in the future with my other projects. Take care, I. B.

Dr. S.S. (Art Historian)

Thank you, Louise, for your thorough, fast, and precise editing. I would gladly work with you again. S.S.


Ms Chapman has done a really wonderful job! All allusions of my pathetic English have been transformed into very fluent expressions. I find that some concepts have been even ameliorated. Thanks.


Dear Louise, I wanted to express my gratitude for all your hard work proofreading my thesis. I received the first ranked grade of 90. I can't recommend your services enough!

N.Y. (Peking University)

Thanks for your amazing work! It will definitely help a lot. I am also looking forward to our future cooperation.

Philosophy PhD (University of Padua)

Louise, you did such a nice job with my thesis. I cannot thank you enough. You exceeded my expectations completely. I hope we will continue to collaborate in the future with my academic texts. You are a v. valuable asset to me and my work. Bravo Louise.

Pro Bono Editing

I am extremely satisfied by the outcome; I beg you to give my best thanks to Louise, who has really done an excellent work, despite having an awful job.

Prof. Dr. J. S.

Dear Louise, You did an outstanding job! Many thanks for this. I will happily use your services again.


Thank you, dear Louise, this is just wonderful. I have an impression the text has moved forward substantially. All your changes seem very well thought through, I will have a focus on the ambiguous phrases. I will be happy to cooperate with you in future.

V. D.

Dear Louise, Great! That was fast =) The text has really benefited from your revision. It is always a pleasure to work with you!


Louise, thank you so much for the excellent copy-editing. Your work has been invaluable to me after many bad experiences with bigger proofreading companies. You will be my go-to editor now. We will speak soon. Cheers.

Anna Anguissola

As a non-native English author of papers and books in the field of humanities, my writing requires editing. Louise has proved to be a consistently careful, professional and reliable English language editor. Most importantly, she has been very sensitive to both my subject's (Classics, archaeology, art history) conventions and my own stylistic choices. Working with her has been a pleasure!

Dr H.I. (Oxford University)

Such a surprisingly quick proofreading! Amazing! Many thanks for all this!

Dr K. I. (UCL)

Thank you Louise for the absolutely amazing proofreading. I accepted all your changes. These were super well judged and have made the proposal 100x better. Please let us stay in touch so that we may work together going forward. Thank you so much!!!

Dr. C. V.

Louise Chapman is an excellent proofreader. I strongly recommend her to colleagues engaged in Classics and Ancient Philosophy - Christian Vassallo

Dr. I. B. (University of Nicosia)

Louise you might just be the best proofreader in the world!!! I may even win the funding now, thanks to your very careful interventions. I'm very happy with the work and will definitely be contacting you in the future with my other projects. Take care, I. B.

I. H. (University of Wollongong)

Thank you so much for your extraordinary work. I was very pleased with the result, already submitted. Also, would like to let you know that the first paper you proof read for me (the co-authored one) was accepted and will be shortly out at Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology. So good work team! Looking forward to working with you again in the future.

J. F. (University of Antwerp)

Excellent! Thank you so much for your dedicated work and inputs in my text! I checked the references and your doubts are coherent. I'll correct them 😊 I do not doubt that now my thesis is complete. It was great working with you! Needless to say that I will always recommend your work and if I need proofreading again I would love to do it with you.

Marianna Bergamaschi Ganapini

Fantastic service: fast, reliable and professional! I can't recommend it enough!

Valentina Zaffino

I really appreciated Louise's work! I highly recommend it to everyone.

Dr L.O. (Harvard)

I really like your work and I love having you as a proofreader.

Dr V. D. (Universität Ulm)

Thank you so much for reviewing my manuscript. You have done a very thorough job, and I am aware that correcting and reformulating many sentences was anything but effortless. I have now forwarded the draft to the editors: they will tell me if further changes are necessary. For my part, there is no serious question, I was able to follow all your comments and changes and integrated them into the text trusting in your expertise. Working with you was very pleasant and uncomplicated. In the future I will be happy to rely on your support again.

Dr A.I.

Thank you very much, for doing such thorough work and in such short time (and being ahead of schedule!). You've been a great help, and I'm sure to contact you in the future if I need another proofread.


It’s wonderful, you basically rewrote the paper for me, it’s super touching. Thank you.

A Philosopher (Tel Aviv)

Thank you for your splendid editing work. You have an eye for clarity, style, and elegance. Your work has made my paper much clearer, the prose cleaner, and the argument stronger. I will definitely use your services in the future.

Classicist (UCL)

I highly recommend Lex Academic's editing services to students as well as academics. Louise Chapman is a great proofreader and copy-editor; she is very quick and professional and pays attention to detail. I was amazed by her thorough editing and the way she transformed my grant application. The text was carefully revised and her touch of style made the application more appealing. She did not only correct the grammatical errors but also provided valuable feedback and evaluation on the manuscript as a whole. Louise Chapman is a fantastic and super professional copy-editor!

Philosopher (C.U.N.Y.)

Louise, you are like a magician with words. The editing is absolutely outstanding. Thank you for your hard work and care.

Classicist (Pisa)

Dear Louise, Thank you for the very fast copy-edit. You did exactly as I asked so I could not be happier. I will return to your service later this year. Thanks

N. D. (Georgia State University)

Dear Lex Academic, Thanks to your amazing editing, my article was published with the Journal of Business Research. I will be returning with future papers. Thank you for everything, it’s been a pleasure!

J. M. (Occidental College, Los Angeles)

Thank you, Louise! This is tremendous. I really appreciate your work on this.

E. P. (Classicist)

I saw the documents, and the texts are much better now. Thank you very much! And, wow, you are very quick! I admit your service is one of the best I have seen! Thank you so very much.

J. F. (Business Studies, Canada)

Dear Louise, Thanks so very much for a thorough and thoughtful job. I will return to you with another paper to edit soon.

J. A. (German Studies)

Dear Louise, Many thanks! You've done a splendid job. I really do appreciate your help.

Matteo Bozzon

The services provided by Lex Academic are absolutely professional and “first class”. Louise does not only check spelling mistakes and inconsistencies: her meticulous work in revising the text concretely improves the clarity of the exposition, making it stylistically and linguistically impeccable. All this is completed with her punctuality, courtesy, helpfulness, and kindness. I can happily say that I strongly recommend her services.

Paula Schiefer

Louise Chapman and Lex Academic were very quick and professional while proof-reading my article. It made the piece much stronger! The communication via email was fast and very friendly. Excellent work!

Chiara C

Professional and good quality service. Prompt and clear communication. Refined and high standard work. Strongly recommended!

Karl K.

Very professional and friendly. Lex Academic did excellent work in a very short time. Definitely recommend!

June Francis (SFU Beedie – Simon Fraser University)

I have used this service several times. I am an academic and really need my work to be very carefully and thoughtfully edited. The services are absolutely outstanding and the communications prompt and appropriate. I highly recommend this service. Louise gets back to you promptly and always meets or exceeds the timelines.I live in Vancouver, Canada but use this service given the outstanding work I have received.

Mathias-Felipe de-Lima-Santos (Universidad de Navarra)

I really appreciate the work that Lex Academic did. They gave great inputs and polished my manuscript until it resembles a bright and beautiful gem. I really recommend their services.

Taku Uchiyama (University of Tokyo)

I’m very satisfied with their proofreading service. It is precise and detailed. They even checked a quoted passage in its original text. They also take care of the timeline of writing and arrange their offers flexibly. Moreover, Louise always writes back quickly. It is really nice. I can feel sure during writing that I have support.

Teresa Torcello (Università di Bologna)

Highly recommended for anyone looking for a high-quality proofreading service. I am really satisfied with both the quality of the work and the speed of delivery. I will definitely use it again in the future.

Professor Silvio Carta, Associate Professor and Head of Art & Design, University of Hertfordshire

Louise and team have been excellent in helping us with the index of our book. Top service! We will definitely work with Lex Academic for our future projects.

Professor Brendan H. O’Connor, Associate Professor in the School of Transborder Studies, Arizona State University

Wonderful academic indexers - professional, responsive, easy to work with, and they produced an outstanding index that meet all my needs. Quick turnaround and ability to work with US institutions was a plus. Highly recommended!

Dr Mariachiara Angelucci (Humboldt Research Fellow)

I had the opportunity to try Lex Academic's service for a second time for the indexes of one of my monographs. Like the first time, Louise Chapman was very helpful. The work was done accurately and in a very short time and was a great help in speeding up the publication time. I would definitely recommend Lex academic to scholars and I am sure I will always use this service for my future publications.