Specialist Subject Areas

While our editorial prowess spans the humanities and social sciences, we have particular strengths in certain core fields. We therefore offer specialist proofreading and editing services in some very specific areas to reflect our unique knowledge base and unmatched experience with disciplinary norms.

Anthropology Proofreading Services

We understand the nature of writing in anthropology and always try to hone the balance between honouring an academic's particular style and voice (which is so central to the narrative virtues of anthropological and ethnographic discourse) and editing for rigour, scholarliness, clarity, and originality.

Philosophy Proofreading Services

Thanks to being spearheaded by two Oxbridge-educated academic philosophers, Lex Academic is uniquely positioned in offered rigorous philosophy proofreading, copy-editing, indexing, and translation.

Classics Proofreading Services

Lex Academic is uniquely positioned to offer rigorous classics proofreading, copy-editing, indexing, and translation. We have guided academic classicists through every stage of the publishing process, from PhD theses and academic book proposals to papers now published in top-tier classics journals.

Art History Proofreading Services

Whether you are working on the depiction of witchcraft in Northern Renaissance art, Michelangelo's architecture of faith, the role of imitation in Roman visual culture, Renaissance sculpture, early Greek art, or the history of architecture, your work will be in the hands of expert proofreaders.