Transcription Services

At Lex Academic, we offer a white-glove academic transcription service, transcribing audio files and videos into professionally copy-edited documents for a range of research, administrative, and publication purposes.


Lex Academic’s enhanced transcription service carefully converts audiovisual material from a variety of sources and languages into print. These include, but are not limited to, turning conference talks and keynotes into fully-formatted research papers, guest lecture series into academic monographs, and conversations into printed interviews. We pride ourselves on delivering professionally copy-edited transcripts that meet a wide variety of academic needs, including transcriptions from French, German, Italian, Greek, and Mandarin into English.

Services that rely on speech recognition software invariably result in imperfect transcripts that contain myriad flaws. Because speech recognition software is unable to cope with the subtleties of accents and dialects, the resulting transcripts can read poorly and lack sense. Our qualified transcriptionists at Lex Academic cut through the background noise and distortion of recorded audio to produce high-quality, polished documents that retrieve and preserve key information, while removing inessential or circumstantial speech.

Providing more than just a transcription service, we assess your audio for length, language, number of speakers, and sound quality to deliver an accurate transcript that is ready for publication. Compliant with GDPR guidelines, we guarantee confidential and secure treatment of all recordings and resulting documents. Transcripts are delivered in Microsoft Word, enabling you to easily make edits and additions, and to transfer text with ease. We can also verify and refine existing text that has already been transcribed.

If you require a rapid turnaround time, have specialized requirements for the formatting and structure of the transcript, or need to enlist the support of a technical or academic specialist, we can accommodate you. At Lex Academic, we pride ourselves on our high-end, human transcription services.

Can we help with anything else?

Ensure your entire manuscript is submission-ready with our bespoke Indexing service. We also purvey extraordinary academic Proofreading and Substantive Editing. Our impeccable author services include correcting all typographical, spelling, and grammatical errors. Where desired, we can make stylistic and substantive changes to your work that promise a powerful first impression with major publishers. Our authors have published with all of the top-tier publishing houses, including Bloomsbury, Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, Penguin, Peter Lang, Princeton University Press, and Routledge.

Authors or publishers interested in our services should get in touch with our Managing Editor detailing their editorial requirements and publication ambitions.

"Lex Academic not only have expert translators with a wide philosophical culture: they also help you write better papers, giving excellent and efficient advice. I strongly recommend Lex Academic."

Professor Sandra Laugier (Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne)