PURA ERC x Lex Academic


We are overjoyed to have been contracted as the copy editors for the pedagogically pioneering PURA ancient lexicography ERC Consolidator project at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice. The project is devoted to the theories of linguistic purism developed in ancient Greek culture and how they were received in later ages. We were recruited for it on the basis of our unparalleled acquaintance with classical philology.

Linguistic purism is a recurrent phenomenon in periods of societal crisis, when issues of cultural or national identity are at stake or in the process of being redefined. It responds to the anxiety that a language is decaying, disappearing or being ‘threatened’ by other languages and multilingualism. Such attitudes are common in contemporary societies and have marked the history of European culture at several stages (Italy, Greece, and Germany being some prominent examples). Yet their roots can be traced back to antiquity: an antecedent that remains mostly unknown outside Classics and that has never been studied from a multidisciplinary perspective.

PURA goes to the heart of this problem and seeks to build a bridge between ancient and modern purist theories by producing the first diachronic study of Greek purism, the texts which upheld it, and their legacy in later ages. We are thrilled to be supporting its team members with our copy editing services.