Lex Academic x e-Glow

We are honoured to be an official founding partner of the European Institute for Global Well-Being. 

e-GLOW is a mission-driven institute with a global agenda for sustainable societal development, local well-being, and human flourishing. It aims to achieve this by building bridges between governmental institutions, industry, and academia, putting results and data to practical use in creating preventive mental health communities.

At Lex Academic®, we share e-GLOW‘s core values of research integrity, intellectual humility, diversity, inclusion, interdisciplinarity, curiosity, and open science. The institute’s research priorities for 2022-2023 include: (1) multisensory and social experience; (2) smart environments and mental health; and (3) bio-inspired AI and sustainable technology. 

We greatly look forward to working closely with e-GLOW in helping to build knowledge-based societies that promote education, information, and the dissemination of knowledge. Researchers at e-GLOW will all receive preferential rates on Lex Academic services. All funding is used to fully support the organisation’s purpose of applying open science for positive social impact.

The Institute is a European non-profit registered under the Netherlands law (3164205666).