Proofreading for PhDs

Reduce the risk of minor corrections with a bespoke PhD edit, specially tailored to the doctoral examination.

Outmanoeuvring ‘Minor Corrections’.

In our professional editorial experience, PhDs require a very particular form of proofreading. At Lex Academic, we recognise the priorities of doctoral candidates as they navigate the rite of passage from PhD submission through to examination and, thereafter, the academic job market. With many students moving onto postdoctoral positions upon receipt of their PhD, we understand that you do not want the examination process to be drawn out by a lengthy (and demoralising) round of revisions. With this in mind, we have devised a proofreading service dedicated to removing the chances of receiving minor corrections from your exam, while also preserving the academic integrity of your scholarship. 

In offering this service, we check and correct for typographical mistakes, grammatical and punctuation errors, structural infelicities, and sentences that do not read well (for whatever reason). We will also retrieve and format absent or inadequate references. We thus aim to reduce the risk of receiving minor corrections based not only on the sort of mistakes that a regular proofreading service (or your supervisor!) might catch, but also missing or incomplete citations and/or formatting issues. As part of this service, we strictly heed any university regulations so that the thesis meets the relevant form (as opposed to content). To this end, we are conversant with the dominant citation styles for business, the social sciences (including psychology), medicine, humanities, and law (including APA, Chicago, Harvard, ICMJE, MHRA, MLA, and OSCOLA).

If you have received minor corrections from your doctoral examination, we can also assist. Please contact our Managing Editor to enquire


“Lex Academic’s copyediting and indexing is brilliant. They took so much time with my manuscript—bonding with the subject matter and creating both flow and meaning. I have been so lucky to find them. I would choose Lex Academic for all my projects. They are champions!”

Dr. Barbara Hales (German Studies, University of Houston - Clear Lake)